The T&P Cell is active throughout the year. An increasing number of reputed companies are being contacted on a regular basis so that the students get more opportunities to appear for interviews in larger numbers of organizations and choose the best options regarding their placement in specific organizations.

The members of the T&P cell contact CEOs / Head (HR) of different corporate entities for collecting information regarding requirements for recruitment in various disciplines. The cell also ensures that the students are properly groomed and properly instructed for improved performance during interviews. To ensure proper grooming, the members of the cell regularly contact faculty members, corporate trainers involved in personality development and give them faculty members, trainers necessary feed-back received from different organizations for taking necessary corrective actions.

Placement Contact info:
+91- 8077648635

Blessy Isaac

Sales Assistant
DSJ Learning Pvt. Ltd.

College plays a very important role in making the career of a person, for me this was -IIAM. I had a very positive experience with IIAM, it had contributed a major part to my career building. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show a genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. The college aims at the overall development of the student so that he/she can excel in different fields.

Shijoy Thomas

Publishing Manager

It is well said that you value things when u don’t have them this is very much true in my case as well. When we were in college we always use to think that why there is so much discipline but once I enter corporate I realized that it was for our benefit only. And one thing more I would like to thank my faculty members who helped us in every way to make our basics very clear which gave me the edge over other graduates. At the end of the day, it all depends on how well you perform in your organization and how keen you are on learning new things that too with the right attitude.

Rohan Poojary

IT Recruiter

When I look back 3 years ago it makes me feel wonderful. Wonderful for everything which I am today. Today I am placed in a reputed company and not only placed but performing well up to the standards of Industry and that’s all possible due to the holistic education system of my college. This college not only taught me to do well in academics but also to perform well under pressure and to work in a team which is the most important requirement of the industry.

Like many other students I use to complain about a college disciplined environment, hectic schedules for projects and workshops but now I realize that it was for my benefit & it has turned me into a better professional to survive in today’s competitive environment.

Dhanashri Pardeshi

Atlanta Education

The past years in IIAM passed by in swift immersing the students with the knowledge, patience, and on top of all management abilities necessary to be able to compete in the real world of business. It gave me a platform to push myself and to understand the potentials that were hidden inside me. These past three years not only helped me broaden my horizon on my knowledge of business and management but also helped me discover more about myself.

I would like to heartily thank all the teachers and staff in our institute who are still there and who were formerly working as well, for helping me adjust to every situation the whole time I was in IIAM.

Sucheta Nair

Sourcing Assistant
Neural IT Pvt. Ltd

My experience at IIAM was very different and has led me to explore and learn new things in terms of personal and professional aspects. The faculty at IIAM focuses on students' career goals with proper guidance in selecting the most suitable specialization based on one's strengths and passion. The pre-placement activities were highly effective for us to have a clear idea of facing interviews. The various co-curricular activities built confidence and leadership skills in us. Attending the National Level Fest was a major experience, which helped me understand my potential and overcome my insecurities. The ambience of the college has always been so positive and encourages me to learn.

Khushboo Mahto

HR Recruiter
Hike Education Pvt. Ltd.

It was a wonderful experience at IIAM with excellent exposure provided across the various platforms. The faculty are very supportive and encourage students to push boundaries to rise above expectations. IIAM targets the overall development of every student, be it education, cultural awareness or practical exposure to the business world like industrial exposure and tour. The placement activities are pretty good and come with training given on how to conduct oneself and face interviews confidently. The ambience of the campus is very positive and the whole experience is very good there is always support & motivation from the management to pursue our dreams.

Mohit Dalvi

Shift Manager
Subway Foods

IIAM regard students as valued clients to whom the college has always tried to satisfy their needs by way of different training which is required by student at various levels of their career along with the theoretical background. The placement department has awakened and developed the students' talents and personalities by providing extra training and a platform for the corporate world. Every year, the placement department reaches new heights by placing students in renowned companies and thereby reducing the gap between academia and corporate.