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The major part of diploma in airport management include “air cargo and aviation logistics”. Air transportation provides critical capabilities for a modern economy. Whether it involves passengers or cargo, the ability to quickly and reliably move valuable resources over great distances improves the quality of life and standard of living of people across the globe. While you may be more familiar with the term “aviation” than “logistics,” you observe logistics in action any time you travel or purchase a product. The type of businesses and organizations most likely to employ logistics managers include communication, consulting, government and military, manufacturing, material handling, merchandising, retail, software and computer service, telecommunications and transportation firms, equipment manufacturers and dealers, print media, public warehouses and wholesale distributors. Opportunities for careers worldwide abound as international corporations tend to hire a large number of graduates.


  • Air cargo basics
  • The Oag air Cargo guides
  • Bulk loading limitations - unit load
  • Handling facilities; aircraft and Cargo terminal facilities
  • Air cargo acceptance
  • Cargo booking procedures
  • Cargo automation
  • Air Cargo rates and charges: application of tact (the air Cargo tariff)
  • The airway bill: completion - labeling and marking
  • Industry regulations: ICAO-IATA-FIATA
  • Air Cargo tariff (TACT)-IATA areas and sub-areas, chargeable weight, rates and charges,
  • Air way bill completion.
  • Currency regulations: conversion rates: rounding off procedures
  • Construction rates
  • ULD'S definitions, specifications, classifications and identifications of ULD'S - general rules governing the use of ULD'S - ULD charges
  • IATA dangerous goods regulations manual
  • Dangerous goods classes and divisions
  • Identification
  • Pacing requirements
  • Radioactive materials
  • Checking procedures
  • Flight announcements
  • Safety & emergency procedures
  • Airport ground handling
  • Cargo handing
  • Check in procedure
  • Aviation security
  • Handling dangerous goods
  • Computerizes reservation system (CRS)
  • Soft skills
  • First aid training
  • Inflight service training (mock aircraft)
  • Interview skills & group discussions
  • Grooming


  • Ground Hostess
  • Reservation & Counter Staff
  • Customer Service
  • Airline Back office
  • Airline City Reservation Office
  • Airline ticketing offices
  • Aircraft manufacturing firms
  • Aerospace equipment manufacturing firms
  • Airport authorities
  • Transportation firms
  • Material handling, equipment manufacturers and dealers
  • Universities and flight schools (professors/instructors)
  • Aviation communications/electronic equipment
  • Aerospace/aviation software/computer service firms
  • Management/executive recruiting firms
  • Air freight/distributors
  • Telecommunications and other service firms
  • Retail sales firms

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